Concordia Choir Ottawa


Our History

The Concordia Choir Ottawa was officially created in February 2013, and considering that date you could possibly think that we are a very young choir. The name was adopted as a result of the merger of two separate choirs namely the Concordia Ottawa German-Canadian Male Chorus and the Concordia German-Canadian Female Choir, Ottawa.

Actually the Concordia Ottawa German-Canadian Male Chorus was founded in 1958 and gave their first public concert in November 1960. The following years saw participation in multicultural concerts, choral festivals – first prize in 1966 Ottawa music festival; 1967 and 69 top awards at the choral festival of the German-Canadian choral federation; concert tours through Germany, Austria and the U.S., a television performance for the “Music to See” series of CBC Ottawa in March 1975, joint events with German-speaking choirs. Several conductors successfully led the Chorus, however, membership declined, and in June 2012 the conductor resigned.

The Concordia Female Choir was founded in January 1975 with their first public performance in May 1975 in Montreal with 5 First, 2 Second sopranos and 5 Altos. Membership increased to 26 in 1975, 29 in 1976 and 34 in 1978. Activities included a birthday concert for John Diefenbaker in 1975, participation at choir festivals in Kitchener, Toronto, Oshawa and Windsor, concert tours in Europe and the U.S. together with the Male Chorus, christmas concerts, dinner dances and co-hosting visiting choirs from Germany.

The impetus and the decision to merge the two choirs came about due to dwindling membership over the years and the corresponding viablity to support two conductors and other operational requirements. Accordingly, the Male Choir approached the Female Choir with a view of merging.

The Female Choir welcomed the idea and thus a choir for mixed voices was established in February 2013. Feedback from the public after concerts was very positive. It ecourages us to continue singing together as long as we have the voices, a conductor and resources to carry on.

Over the years, our choral activities and personal relationships have been enriched through joint events with German-speaking choirs from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. We have further enhanced our musical activities through contacts with a variety of choral groups in both Canada and the USA to our mutual benefit. We look forward to any inquiries or suggestions anyone might have in support of this type of activity.